Rong Chen

Managing Partner, Cedarlake Capital (China)

Rong is managing partner of Cedarlake Capital. One of his main focus areas is electric vehicle, such as OEMs, parts and components, batteries, supercapacitors, fuel cells and AI applications in the car industry. He led Cedarlake’s investments in WM Motor, which is a leading electric passenger vehicle OEM in China, and Dicastal, the world’s largest manufacturer of aluminum automotive parts and components. Before Cedarlake, Rong was an investment banker with Morgan Stanley Huaxin Securities.

My Talk

Forget About Hydrogen – It’s Methanol (DMFC and its applications)

What it is Direct Methanol Fuel Cell technology? Why choosing Methanol? How this chemical succeeded in pulled itself up compared to simple Hydrogen and Hydrogen Fuel Cells? In this talk, Rong Chen, Partner at China-based Cedarlake Capital, will look into Methanol’s applications in Electric Vehicles and what our future would look like.