Pankaj Jhunja

Head of Mobility Services, Tata Motors (India)

The love of taking things apart to discover how they worked, found its way into a career in Design, which started with creating objects to creating enabling environments for design teams. Over the last 25 years I moved from designing simple consumer products to highly technical, industrial and commercial products & solutions across multiple companies.

In Jan 2017 was charged with setting up a Mobility Innovation Hub for Tata Motors in the Silicon Valley in order to track consumer and technology trends and establish partnerships and collaborations with start-ups & tech companies for possible Product and Service solutions relevant to our markets.

Currently leading the Mobility Services function as part of the Corporate Strategy team, to explore Tata Motors play in the Shared Mobility, Electrification and Connected vehicle space inline with evolving consumer and market trends. This involves working and collaborating with Startups and Technology companies to bring new solutions to market to expand our portfolio of offerings.

My Talk

Driving India’s Mobility Transformation

We will discuss the challenges that both traditional and new models of mobility ecosystems face in India; and the huge opportunity that exists for potential solution providers bringing innovative ideas to the table. Tata Motors, India’s largest Automotive Company, is driving this change through its portfolio of products and services. How is Tata Motors working […]