Karolina Korth

Chief Digitalization Officer, Siemens Mobility South-West Europe (Spain)

Karolina Korth is a trained psychologist with passion for innovation and has over 10 years of experience in transformation in multinationals. She has a wealth of experience in corporate innovation and business development in healthcare and smart cities. Karolina is also a founder of Health 2.0 Kuala Lumpur and the FeMale Voice of Mobility – movement to empower women in male dominated industries. She speaks regularly at conferences targeting digital transformation and gives lectures at business schools and universities.

My Sessions

Building Successful Smart Cities

The future of mobility is now one of the biggest issues for cities across the planet; conducting organizations, governments and citizens to sit at the same table in order to build smart connected urban centers. Tomorrow’s successful cities will be the ones able to make citizen’s data available to a wide range of governmental actors […]