Angelika Berger-Sodian

CEO, Senior Advisor & Thought Leader, Angelika Berger-Sodian & Associates (Austria)

Dr. Angelika Berger-Sodian is a senior executive at the forefront of the Chinese-European mobility revolution. She is regarded as a mastermind of leadership and organisational start-up, scale-up and transformation in the face of current mobility industry changes and is known for her in-depth expertise with Chinese automotive start-ups and business in China in general. In May 2019 she was awarded the title of “Rising Star” by Automotive News Europe magazine in the category of “General Management”.
Today, she lives in Vienna and works as a senior advisor, bestselling author (“In the Year of the Tiger – Why it is not too late to learn from China”) as well as keynote speaker.

My Session

Mobility Innovation in Europe & China

In this fireside chat with former NIO’s Managing Director in the UK, we will explore the biggest opportunities for mobility innovators in Europe and China. Why is it the right time to build stronger bridges between both markets? Moderator: Chris O’Brien