Janelle Wang

CEO, Acton (USA)

Janelle is Co-Founder & CEO of ACTON. ACTON (acton.space) is a leading MaaS (Micomobility As A Service) solution provider that supplies multimodal vehicles to advanced IOT to move people and goods efficiently. ACTON holds 100+ patents in micromobility space, over million customers and 100 millions of rides globally.

Janelle is a Designer turned Entrepreneur with 15 years of Strategic Planning, New Category Creation & Design Thinking for Fortune 50s to Start Ups, bringing breakthrough Innovation and Sustainability to reality. She is leading the charge to help shape a new, more efficient, vibrant and livable urban environment.

My Talk

New Chapter of Last Mile Solutions for Cities

Linking the dots between driving, public transit, and micromobilty options, from A to B transportation becomes seamless system.