Ponera Group
Ponera Group
  • Website: poneragroup.com
  • Location: Switzerland

We are front runners in the development of Physical Internet Initiative.

High complexity in freight logistics cause immense transport capacities loss and unsustainable material waste. In particular, customized wooden industrial packaging is ordered by manufacturers, used once and disposed, slashing business profits due to their high production costs, single usage and big purchasing efforts. In addition, the packages are usually not digitally connected or traced.

Ponera Group has developed a smart modular and digitally enabled solution which provides circular logistics system for a wide range of goods. The physical flexibility in terms of size granted by our bio-polymer design, combined to effectively integrated IoT solutions equate to unprecedented efficiency and transparency. Our products have an ROI in few usages, can decrease material costs by >90%, eliminate purchase order costs, reduce wood consumption by 95% and reduce CO2eq emissions by >50% on average.