Foretellix’s mission is to enable ‘measurable safety’ of ADAS and autonomous vehicles. Foretellix tackles
the most challenging barrier to ADAS and AV deployment – safety: ensuring the
autonomous vehicle behaves properly under all possible driving conditions including edge cases.

Foretellix develops the Foretify™ platform: intelligent automation and analytic tools to orchestrate and monitor hundreds of millions of driving scenarios, providing the confidence required to allow the broad deployment of ADAS and AVs.

The platform includes:
1) a Measurable Scenario Description Language (M-SDL) used to describe both scenarios and coverage goals at a high level
2) automation to generate combinations of combinations of scenario variants along with monitors to check and track scenario coverage
3) the ability to aggregate coverage data from the execution across all testing platforms (test vehicles, test tracks, simulation, X-in-the-loop)
4) analytics and metrics for developers to know where they are, what to do next, when they’re done